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The Science and Technology of Music


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2013-2014 Award Recipients

Student Award Recipients (Group Projects)

  • Benjamin Bacon and Christian Smith (CIRMMT supervisors: Marcelo Wanderley and Fabrice Marandola)
    • Project title: Intermedia tools for gestural communication in percussion performance
  • Preston Beebe and Ian Hattwick (CIRMMT supervisors: Philippe Leroux and Marcelo Wanderley)
    • Project title: Unsounding objects: Control synthesis and compositional structure through feature extraction
  • Marcello Giordano, Martha Shiell, and Pauline Tranchant (CIRMMT supervisors: Marcelo Wanderley, Robert Zatorre, Isabelle Peretz)
    • Project title:  Beat synchronization in deaf people using vibrotactile stimulation

    Student Award Recipients (Single, Interdisciplinary Projects)

    • Cedric Camier (CIRMMT supervisors: Jean Piche and Yann Pasco)
      • Project title: Refined sound field rendering tool dedicated to computer-assisted composition
    • Robert Giglio (CIRMMT supervisors: Tom Beghin and Ichiro Fujinaga)
      • Project title: Stoss vs. Prell: Natural Selection in the Workshops of Late Eighteenth-Century Vienna
    • David Sears (CIRMMT supervisors: Stephen McAdams and William Caplin)
      • Project title: Modelling closure in classical music
    • Daniel Steele (CIRMMT supervisors: Catherine Guastavino and Nik Luka)
      • Project title: Spreading soundscapes: A collaborative study on sensing in the city