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The Science and Technology of Music


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2015-2016 Award Recipients

Student Award Recipients (Group Projects)

  • Ben Duinker & Denis Martin (CIRMMT supervisors: Richard King & Jon Wild)
    • Project title: An empirical approach to sub-genre classification in hip-hop's golden age
  • Sarah Gates, Kit Soden & Moe Touizrar (CIRMMT supervisors: Robert Hasegawa, Stephen McAdams, Rene Rusch, Chris Harman & Melissa Hui)
    • Project title: Correspondence of orchestral and visual gestures in representing basic emtional categories in dramatic scenes
  • Brice Gatinet & Catherine Massie-Laberge (CIRMMT supervisors: Isabelle Cossette, Philippe Leroux & Marcelo Wanderley)
    • Project title: Gesture analysis of bowing movements: Psycho-motor evidence of event cueing and conceptual categories in contemporary music
  • Ian Hattwick, Robert Landon Morrison & Victoria Simon (CIRMMT supervisors: Robert Hasegawa, Jonathan Sterne & Marcelo Wanderley)
    • Project title: How Max became Live: An Interdisciplinary Investigation into the Convergence of Two Music Software Paradigms
  • Christina Volpini & Jacob Wiens (CIRMMT supervisors: Robert Hasegawa & Jon Wild)
    • Project title: Instruments inside Instrument: Composing for Resonant Space

    Student Award Recipients (Single, Interdisciplinary Projects)

    • Daniel Steele (CIRMMT supervisors: Catherine Guastavino & Nik Luka)
      • Project title: Spreading soundscapes: A collaborative study on sensing in the city