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The Colloquial Colloquium - Meeting #10

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The tenth meeting of CIRMMT's new series — The Colloquial Colloquium — dedicated to help students through open discussions, feedback, troubleshooting, and community building.

Quoi ?
  • Colloquial Colloquium
Quand ? 28/01/2020
du 17:00 au 19:00
Où ? A832, Elizabeth Wirth Music Building, 527 Sherbrooke St W
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Student Colloquial Colloquium


The tenth Colloquial Colloquium (Coco) meeting will include two very interesting presentations by our student member Mariana Mejia and by Alex Nawotka. See details below. Light refreshments and beer will be provided. If you have a talk you'd like to test in an informal, supportive setting; or a discussion topic you'd like to see covered during one of the upcoming colloquiums, please take a moment to send an email to yuval.adler[AT]mail.mcgill.ca
  • Mariana Mejia, Celebrating the centennial of broadcasting in Canada
The year 2020 marks one hundred years since the first radio broadcasts in Canada. In a joint effort, the Musée des ondes Emile Berliner (MOEB) along with the Société Québécoise de Collectionneurs de Radios Anciens (SQCRA) have created a year-long program to celebrate the anniversary of this technological feat. This presentation offers a view into the vision and goals of the celebration, as well as the work done by the people making it happen.
  • Alex Nawotka, Somatic ecology: Matters of care in data-driven composition
This paper documents the research-creation process of a data sonification project. Thinking through making, they examine the potential reproduction of structural oppression and ecological trauma patterns in data-driven composition, and speculate alternative methodologies.
Keywords: critical materiality, data sonification, environmental trauma, somatic knowledge


Mariana Mejia:

Mariana is a live sound engineer and recent graduate of the McGill Masters in Information Studies. She started volunteering at the MOEB in 2017, and currently serves as the Program Coordinator for the Centennial of Broadcasting in Canada.

Alex Nawotka:

Alex Nawotka is a designer, musician, and graduate student based in Montréal/Tiohtia:ke. They will graduate with a Masters in Information Studies from McGill University in 2020. Research interests: community-centered design, data ethics

About the series

The Colloquial Colloquium is an informal monthly meet-up where CIRMMT student members get together for open discussion, feedback, troubleshooting, snacking, and community building. The aim is to provide a welcoming, low-key, and inclusive forum for the CIRMMT student community to gather each month.

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