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[ONLINE] The Colloquial Colloquium - Meeting #12

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The Colloquial Colloquium — dedicated to help students through open discussions, feedback, troubleshooting, and community building.

Quoi ?
  • Colloquial Colloquium
Quand ? 22/10/2020
du 17:00 au 18:00
Où ? Online - MS Teams
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Student Colloquial Colloquium

To join this event, please refer to the MS Teams Group: CIRMMT Student Hub

The Colloquial Colloquium is back! 

Join us online to chat with colleagues, discuss projects, and find collaborators for your student projects - all within the CIRMMT community are welcome! 

The first CoCo will be all about meeting old and new faces. We will have an open session where you can:

  • ask questions;
  • find out about each of CIRMMT's Research Axes and their student representatives;
  • learn about current funding opportunities and how to access them;
  • discover some of the current work being conducted;

There is no need to prepare anything, but if you have anything (we already have some scheduled presentations!) that could use an audience of your peers in a relaxed setting, send an e-mail (maria.c.rodriguez[at]mail.mcgill.ca or eduardo.meneses[at]mail.mcgill.ca) and we can also schedule some brief presentation time. 

As we won't be able to meet in person, we invite you to prepare your own wine and cheese at home to keep the tradition!

This event will be held on MS Teams, in a group dedicated to CIRMMT Students. We encourage you to join this group ahead of time to make sure you are ready to participate in this and all subsequent Cocos. If you are from outside of McGill or experience any difficulties joining the group, please contact us at (events[at]cirmmt.mcgill.ca).

Join the CIRMMT Students MS Teams group.

About the series

The Colloquial Colloquium is an informal monthly meet-up where CIRMMT student members get together for open discussion, feedback, troubleshooting, snacking, and community building. The aim is to provide a welcoming, low-key, and inclusive forum for the CIRMMT student community to gather each month.

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