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Egyptian Divinities and Canadian Spectra: Analyzing and Performing Anubis-Nout by Gérard Grisey

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This CIRMMT Research Workshop is organized by CIRMMT Research Axis 4 - Expanded Musical Practice. It will take place on Thursday, February 9, 2017, in Clara Lichtenstein Hall of the Schulich School of Music. This workshop is free and open to all. No registration is required.

Quoi ?
  • Research Workshop
Quand ? 09/02/2017
du 16:30 au 18:00
Où ? Clara Lichtenstein Hall, 555 Sherbrooke St W
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Egyptian Divinities and Canadian Spectra: Analyzing and Performing Anubis-Nout by Gérard Grisey

François-Xavier Féron & Ida Toninato
February 9, 2017 @ 16:30-18:00
Clara Lichtenstein Hall, 555 Sherbrooke St W
During this workshop addressed to both performers and researchers, saxophonist Ida Toninato will perform the piece and discuss her interpretation, and musicologist François-Xavier Féron will describe the creation of the work through analysis of the composer's sketches. The workshop aims to underline the value of collaborations between performers and researchers for improving their comprehension of musical works.

Anubis-Nout by Gérard Grisey 

This piece was composed in 1983 as a memorial to Canadian composer Claude Vivier, murdered in Paris that year. Originally written for contrabass clarinet, the diptych was arranged in 1990 for bass or baritone saxophone. In this piece, the composer takes his inspiration from Egyptian mythology and spectral models (both sub-harmonic and harmonic spectra) in order to symbolize the violent death of his friend (in the first movement, Anubis) and the ascent of his soul into the firmament (in the second movement, Nout).

François-Xavier Féron & Ida Toninato

François-Xavier Féron holds a Master's Degree in musical acoustics (University of Paris VI) and a PhD in musicology (University of Paris IV). After teaching at the University of Nantes (2006-07), he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT, Montreal, 2008-09), and then at the Institut de Recherché et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM, Paris, 2009-13). Since 2013, he has been a tenured researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and works at the LaBRI (Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherché en Informatique). His research focuses on contemporary musical practices, perception of auditory trajectories and, more broadly, on interactions between art, science, and technology.

Montreal-based saxophone player, composer, and improviser, Ida Toninato has an ear for the avant-garde and a taste for deep sonic work. With her baritone saxophone, she explores spaces, uncommon acoustics and artistic partnerships with a strong sense of bonding. She extensively toured in Europe and North America with dance company La La La Human Steps and is frequently on stage with companies such as Supermusique (Jean Derome, Joane Hétu) and Totem Contemporain, for which she created Babaloune, a show for kids featuring Jean-François Laporte's new instruments. Her duet Jane/KIN with laptop artist Ana Dall'Ara Majek recently made its debut at Akousma Festival. She occasionally shares the stage with artists such as Olivier Benoît, Arto Lindsay, and Marshall Allen, and loves to share her sounds with her favourite electroacoustic composers. She has premiered around 50 new music scores, either for solo saxophone or for chamber ensemble before focusing on her own approach to music. This shift in focus led to the release of her debut solo album, Strangeness is Gratitude, on Kohlenstoff Records in April 2016, which has met great enthusiasm by critics.


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