live@CIRMMT - Architek - Project: Object II
Photo by Alex Tran

live@CIRMMT - Architek - Project: Object II

Live@CIRMMT presents a concert featuring Architek Percussion quartet.


NICOLA GIANNINI (b.1979) - Expansion (2021)  *   **
FREDRIK GRAN (b. 1977) Deployment Roll (2019)  **
ANA DALL'ARA-MAJEK (b. 1980) Archikube (2021) *   **
HANNA HARTMAN (b. 1961) Shadow Box (2011) 

* world premiere
** composed for Architek Percussion

Click here to download the digital program. 

Project: Object II is the second manifestation of Architek Percussion's "Project: Object" series, the premise behind which is the musicalization of objects and devices not normally thought of as musical instruments. The excitement behind developing and performing repertoire using objects involves the creation of sound worlds not conceivable with traditional instruments. "Expansion" (Nicola Giannini, 2021) is an immersive music performance for ice and electronics; sound textures are generated from ice blocks used as musical instruments by the four performers. "Deployment Roll" (Fredrik Gran, 2019) treats four laptops running custom Max patches as musical instruments, where the gestures of typing and keystrokes and physical manipulation of the laptops produce and modify sounds that are spatialized according to which laptop produces the sound. "Archikube" (Ana Dall’Ara-Majek, 2021) is scored for four Rubik’s cubes and electronics. This piece explores the connection between the sequence of moves required to solve a Rubik’s cube and musical structures in a 3D space. "Shadow Box" (Hanna Hartman, 2011) is a piece like few others. Intensely close-miked amplification of intimate sound gestures like cracking egg shells, rubbing flake salt on ceramic tiles, and blowing air into cellophane bags are contrasted with the aggressive sounds/gestures of drums and popping bags.