The World of Buchla Controllers

The World of Buchla Controllers

This workshop will revolve around the various developments and ideas for gestural controllers / musical interfaces and instruments by Donald Buchla (1947 - 2016).

Don Buchla (1947 - 2016) is a well-known pioneering synthesizer builder. He was also very active in creating novel musical interfaces and instruments.

Three such instruments will be discussed during the workshop: The Buchla Thunder, the Lightning II, and the Marimba Lumina.

The workshop’s guest is percussionist, software designer, and long-term Buchla collaborator Mark Goldstein, who participated in the design of the Marimba Lumina and has extensively performed with Buchla devices.

Demonstrations of Thunder (by David Piazza) and the Lightning II (by Mark Goldstein) will be made.

The Workshop is open to all.

It is sponsored by the Music Technology Area, Schulich School of Music, McGill University, and CIRMMT.