LinkedMusic Workshop I: Music Databases

LinkedMusic Workshop I: Music Databases

This workshop is co-organized by CIRMMT Research Axis 2 (Music Information Research).

In this first LinkedMusic Workshop, we will be surveying various major online music databases. One of the main goals of the LinkedMusic Project ( is to interlink many of these databases.

The workshop is free and open to all, but registration is required

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Simon Dixon, CIRMMT Distinguished Lecturer, Queen Mary, University of London
Jennifer Bain, Dalhousie University
Jürgen Diet, Bavarian State Library
Ichiro Fujinaga, McGill University
Andrew Hankinson, RISM-Digital
Marisa Goldman, McGill University
Debra Lacoste, Dalhousie University
Cory McKay, Marianopolis College
Néstor Nápoles, McGill University
Alastair Porter, MetaBrainz
Laurent Pugin, RISM-Digital
Junhao Wang, McGill University
Jacob deGroot-Maggetti, McGill University
Anna de Bakker, McGill University


  • Introduction (Ichiro Fujinaga)
  • Dig That Lick / Weimar Jazz  Database (Simon Dixon)
  • Cantus DB / Cantus Index (Debra Lacoste, Jennifer Bain, Jacob deGroot-Maggetti and Junhao Wang)
  • Cantus Ultimus (Néstor Nápoles)
  • DIAMM (Andrew Hankinson)
  • SIMSSA DB (Cory McKay)

Coffee Break

  • Music Databases at the Bavarian State Library (Jürgen Diet)
  • RISM Digital (Laurent Pugin)
  • MetaBrainz databases (Alastair Porter)
  • Other music databases (Marisa Goldman and Anna de Bakker)
  • LinkedMusic (Ichiro Fujinaga)