Workshop on spatial sound creation and improvisation with the SuperCollider open source tool Live 4 Life

Workshop on spatial sound creation and improvisation with the SuperCollider open source tool Live 4 Life

A workshop hosted by CIRMMT student member Christophe Lengelé in collaboration with Research Axis 1 (Instruments, devices & systems). *Multiple dates of this workshop may be offered - please see below*


Title: Workshop on spatial sound creation and improvisation with the SuperCollider open source tool Live 4 Life 

Possible Date(s): Monday, March 27 / Friday, March 31 / Thursday, April 6. Please mention your availabilities when registering by e-mail. More dates could be added depending on demand.

Duration: 3 hours (in the afternoon from 14h to 17h).
The tool developper will be available for one hour before the beginning of the workshop, i.e. from 13h to 14h, to help you install the tool on your computer, if necessary.

No. of Participants: from 5 minimum to 15 maximum per workshop. 
According to the total demand, the same workshop may be organized several times (up to 60 participants in total).


The participants will learn how to create and improvise with spatial sound thanks to the open source tool Live 4 Life, that the author has been developing in SuperCollider since 2011. After a small presentation of the tool about its purposes and possibilities, you will learn 1. how to install and setup the tool, 2. how to interact with the GUI and controllers, 3. how to define your own personal spatial configuration, 4. the structure of the code in details, and eventually, 5. how to send the basic data from patterns to another programme like Processing via OSC to generate visuals. This workshop is very practice-oriented. After the presentation of each section of the tool, the participants will have some time to manipulate the tool on their own computers. At the end of the workshop, a feedback form about the workshop including questions about spatial system preferences may be, on a voluntary basis, completed. The survey takes a few minutes to reply, from 5 to 10 minutes, if you want to answer all the questions.


Interest in spatialisation and basic knowledge of SuperCollider is recommended, but not obligatory, to be able to change the source code of the tool. All the code is available on Github, including the installation and setup process. Before registering for this workshop, please read carefully both sections Platform support and the licence to know if you will be able to use this tool on your computer. The organiser of the workshop may end your participation without notice if you do not comply with the licence of the tool.

Teaser Video:

1-minute concert excerpt @ Journées d’Informatique Musicale in 2019.
You can also find whole performances on Youtube
, and particularly the improvisation Parmegiani meets SuperCollider.


Participation is free. No compensatory allowance is provided.
To register or if you have any questions about the workshop or the tool installation, please send a mail directly to:
lengele.christophe [AT]

In the mail, we kindly ask you to mention your availabilities depending on the dates mentioned and if you can speak English or French as well as your preferred language, in order to organise groups for each language if needed.


Christophe Lengelé holds a doctorate in composition and sound creation from Université de Montréal. He has been developing since 2011 a sound creation and spatialisation tool, which aims to facilitate the improvisation of electronic music on multiple speakers. His spatial research, which questions ways of associating rhythmic and spatial parameters, is based on the concept of free and open works, both from the point of view of form and in the diffusion of open source code (

He is currently doing a postdoctoral internship at UQAM in the School of Visual and Media Arts, from September 2022 until August 2024 under the supervision of Philippe-Aubert Gauthier. This internship is made possible thanks to FRQSC funding for post-doctoral research.
During this internship, he will carry out a research-creation project in spatial improvisation (sound and multi-sensory) around three axes:

1. The creation of performative installations around the theme of loneliness:
The public will be able to experience in real time the control of the parameters of multiple sound objects in space via several physical and tactile interfaces. The sound performance tool will thus be evaluated by the public, both from a perceptual point of view and in terms of control and ergonomics.

2. The establishment of training workshops in immersive sound and spatialisation: Participants will be able to use and experiment free tools to create and improvise with space.

3. The creation of spatial improvisations in a multi-sensory context, combining and alternating music, video / light and dance:
I am currently looking for audiovisual collaborations both with video developers to create the visual from the sound data generated, and with dancers to finally assess the impact between the gesture of the performer, the dancing bodies and the video environment.

Technically, the audiovisual object mapping could be developed through open source tools, such as Processing, Open Frameworks, Hydra, or even through commercial tools like Touch Designer and Resolume, as long as the creation process and the code are published on Github and open to everyone.

He will be happy to discuss with anyone interested in collaborating within the framework of this postdoctoral fellowship. His areas of expertise include audio, composition and performance, digital creation, programming (notably via SuperCollider software), open source tools, interface design and the links between arts and technologies.

For more information: lengele.christophe [AT]