Research Axis 3 (Cognition, perception, and movement) General Meeting 2019

All CIRMMT researchers and student members interested in RA3 activities are welcome to attend, as are prospective student members who'd like to get involved in 2019-20.

RA3 General Meeting 2019

All CIRMMT researchers and student members interested in RA3 activities are welcome to attend, as are new or prospective student members who would like to get involved in the coming year.


Please register and let us know that you are coming: RA3 Meeting - Registration


This axis meeting will be to discuss the planning for the current and subsequent academic years:

  1. 1) Workshops tied to Distinguished Lectures
      • Workshop with Susan Rogers (Friday, November 22, 1-4 PM), around music psychology and psychoacoustics informing composers, sound designers and recording engineers, in collaboration with RA1. Call for Participation
      • Workshop with Andrew McPherson (Thursday, March 19, time TBC), possibly with some digital instruments/interfaces performers.
      • Workshop with Carmine Cella and other guests from IRCAM (Date & Time TBC, early April) on computer-aided orchestration, in collaboration with RA4
      • Workshop with Isabelle Peretz (Date & Time TBC, possibly mid-April).

The workshop with Carmine Cella (Berkeley/CNMAT) will also include Philippe Esling (IRCAM) and invited IRCAM composers Georgia Spiropoulos and Sasha J. Blondeau. It has been proposed by Robert Hasegawa (co-leader of RA4) in conjunction with the « IRCAM Forum hors les murs » we are co-hosting and Carmine Cella's Distinguished Lecture.

  1. 2) Symposia around the ACTOR (Analysis, Creation and Teaching of ORchestration) partnership, in collaboration with RA4
      • On November 5, 5-7:30 PM, A-832 (Jason Noble, Julie Delisle and other lecturers TBC)
      • On February 4 (subject to change), possibly with Fabien Lévy
  1. 3) Masterclass/Workshop with Ian Howell (New England Conservatory of Music), around special psychoacoustics of the singing voice, in collaboration with RA4 and possibly the McGill Voice Performance Department (TBC).

Also, suggestions are welcome for 2020-21 Distinguished Lecture guests. Though the decision about DL guests for next season will not be made until next February, when we will hold a vote by email, this meeting would be a good opportunity to have a preliminary list of potential guest lecturers for next year.

You can have a look at the guest lecturers’ names and subjects we have had in the past through the CIRMMT Distinguished Speaker Series Visualization tool.


We hope to see you there and are looking forward to meeting you!


Andrea Creech, RA3 co-leader
Caroline Traube, RA3 co-leader 
Mariane Generale, Student Representative
Julie Delisle, Student Representative