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The Science and Technology of Music

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Research Axis 3: Cognition, perception and movement

This theme focuses on the scientific study of music, from the perspective of the performer to that of the audience and listeners, allowing the understanding of the action-perception loop to ways in which audiences engage and appreciate live music. Research involves the study of areas such as emotional response, motor skills and control, embodiment and movement synchronization, including their implications on music pedagogy, prevention of musician’s injuries and on the cultural study of music.


Ilja Frissen (McGill University)*

Regular participating members:

Audrey-Kristel Barbeau (UQAM)*
Stephanie Blain-Moraes (McGill University)
Denys Bouliane (McGill University)
Guillaume Bourgogne (McGill University)
Albert Bregman (McGill University)*
Jeremy Cooperstock (McGill University)
Isabelle Cossette (McGill University)*
Andrea Creech (Université Laval)*
Max Evans (McGill University)*
Martha de Francisco (McGill University)
Tiago Falk (INRS-EMT)*
Sean Ferguson (McGill University)
Ilja Frissen (McGill University)*
Catherine Guastavino (McGill University)*
John Hollenbeck (McGill University)
Richard King (McGill University)
Alexandre Lehmann (McGill University)*
Eric Lewis (McGill University)*
Aaron Liu-Rosenbaum (Université Laval)
George Massenburg (McGill University)
Stephen McAdams (McGill University)*
Pierre Michaud (Université de Montréal)
Rosemary Mountain (Concordia University)*
Caroline Palmer (McGill University)*
David Pearsall (McGill University)*
Jean Piché (Université de Montréal)
Jean Rouat (Université de Sherbrooke)*
Gary Scavone (McGill University)
Ian Sinclair (MPB Technologies)
Jonathan Sterne (McGill University)
Caroline Traube (Université de Montréal)*
Wieslaw Woszczyk (McGill University)
Robert Zatorre (McGill University)* 

Participating Collaborators:

Søren Bech (Bang & Olufsen)
Annelies Bockstael (Université de Montréal)*
Jonas Braasch (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Carolina Brum-Medeiros (Fliprl)
Nick Bryan-Kinns (Queen Mary University of London)
Pascal Bujold (École George-Étienne-Cartier)* 
Louise Campbell*
Mickael Deroche (McGill University)*
François-Xavier Féron (CNRS-LaBRI)*
Vincent Fréour (Yamaha)
Colin Gallacher (Haply Robotics)
Francisco Gomez Martin (Polytechnic University of Madrid)
Eliot Handelman
Vincent Hayward (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)*
Terri Hron
Aiyun Huang (University of Toronto)
Stéphane Huot (INRIA Lille-Nord Europe)
Sungyoung Kim (RIT)*
Olivier Lalonde (MusicMotion Technology Inc.)
Daniel Levitin (Minerva Schools at the Keck Graduate Institute)*
Analia Llugdar
Jônatas Manzolli (University of Campinas)*
William Martens (University of Sidney)*
Shawn Mativetsky (McGill University)
Donald McLean (University of Toronto)*
Virginia Penhune (Concordia University)*
Isabelle Peretz (Université de Montréal)*
Nils Peters (Qualcomm Technologies)*
Peter Plessas (Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts)*
Amandine Pras
Fred Rees (IUPUI)*
Andre Roy (McGill University)*
Rene Rusch (University of Michigan)
Chris Salter (Concordia University)
Joseph Schlesinger (Vanderbilt University)
Michael Schutz (McMaster University)*
Kathleen Wiens (The Canadian Museum for Human Rights)*

* denotes primary axis member is affiliated with

Student Coordinators:

Grace Brooks
Mariane Generale


Past leaders and student coordinators