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The Science and Technology of Music

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Research Axis 1: Instruments, devices and systems

This theme focuses on the development of engineering and mathematical tools for the study of sound and music, encompassing the study of instrument and room acoustics, digital signal processing, digital musical instruments, and devices, as well as software development for interactive music and computer-aided composition. Research involves areas such as computational acoustic modeling, virtual acoustics, immersive systems, intelligent sensors and sensor fusion adaptive instruments/interfaces and hearing aid systems, as well as on the historical, cultural and philosophical study of sound technology.


Philippe-Aubert Gauthier (Université de Sherbrooke)*
Wieslaw Woszczyk (McGill University)*

Regular participating members:

Alain Berry (Université de Sherbrooke)*
Sandeep Bhagwati (Concordia University)
Stephanie Blain-Moraes (McGill University)*
Guillaume Bourgogne (McGill University)
Jeremy Cooperstock (McGill University)*
Andrea Creech (UCL Institute of Education)
Philippe Depalle (McGill University)*
Tiago Falk (INRS-EMT)
Sean Ferguson (McGill University)
Philippe-Aubert Gauthier (Université de Sherbrooke)*
Catherine Guastavino (McGill University)
Richard King (McGill University)*
Alexandre Lehmann (McGill University)
Larry Lessard (McGill University)*
Eric Lewis (McGill University)
Aaron Liu-Rosenbaum (Université Laval)
George Massenburg (McGill University)*
Michael McGuffin (ETS)*
Pierre Michaud (Université de Montréal)
Luc Mongeau (McGill University)*
Rosemary Mountain (Concordia University)
Jean Piché (Université de Montréal)
Luis Rodrigues (Concordia University)*
Gary Scavone (McGill University)*
Ian Sinclair (MPB Technologies)*
Jonathan Sterne (McGill University)*
Caroline Traube (Université de Montréal)
Jeremie Voix (ETS)*
Marcelo Wanderley (McGill University)*
Wieslaw Woszczyk (McGill University)*

Participating Collaborators:

Pierre-Yves Asselin*
Søren Bech (Bang & Olufsen)*
Tom Beghin (Orpheus Institute, Ghent)
Jonas Braasch (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Carolina Brum-Medeiros (Fliprl)*
Nick Bryan-Kinns (Queen Mary University of London)*
James Clark (McGill University)*
L. Alexis Emelianoff*
Vincent Fréour (Yamaha)*
Colin Gallacher (Haply Robotics)*
Kevin Gironnay
Florian Grond*
Zachary Hale
Eliot Handelman
Terri Hron
Stéphane Huot (INRIA Lille-Nord Europe)*
Olivier Lalonde (MusicMotion Technology Inc.)*
Joel Miller
Alex Nieva (Upscale Technology)*
Cléo Palacio-Quintin
Pierre Pelletier (NouvelOrg Inc.)*
Xenia Pestova (University of Nottingham)
Nils Peters (Qualcomm Technologies)
Peter Plessas (Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts)
John Roston (CANARIE's Research Advisory Committee)*
Andre Roy (McGill University)
Chris Salter (Concordia University)*
Joseph Schlesinger (Vanderbilt University)*
Xin Wei Sha (Arizona State University)*
D. Andrew Stewart
Zihua Tan
Alexandra Tibbitts
Marc-Pierre Verge (Applied Acoustics Systems)*

* denotes primary axis member is affiliated with

Student Coordinators:

Gabrielle Crétot-Richert
Eduardo Meneses


Past leaders and student coordinators