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Student COVID-19 Funding

N.B.: The complete eligibility requirements and information regarding the application process for this award are included in the application form.

*Please note that the Student Outreach funding has been suspended until the COVID-19 situation has been resolved.


  • All current graduate and postdoctoral CIRMMT student members are eligible to apply. Visiting students ARE eligible to apply.
  • REMINDER: To be eligible, students must be enrolled during the full period of the award funding. 
  • PLEASE NOTE that to be considered eligible for CIRMMT funding during the COVID-19 period, students are expected to attend:
    • EITHER 4 attendances to CIRMMT in-person and online activities including Distinguished Lectures, Interact@CIRMMT, live@CIRMMT, or other online seminars/workshops in the 12 months prior to the application;
    • OR 3 attendances and significantly contribute to the organization of a CIRMMT event along with the RA co-leaders in the 12 months prior to the application.
    • Attendance will be tracked via sign-up sheets for in-person events, and the chat of the online meeting platform used (e.g. Zoom, MS Teams etc.).
    • All students must fulfil the online event attendance requirements. However, students from universities outside Montreal (U. de Sherbrooke and Université Laval) are exempt from fulfilling the in-person event requirements.
    • CIRMMT funding applications will include a section where students will be able to indicate which events they have attended.
    • Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed - proof must be provided.
  • All applicants are requested to ensure their CIRMMT sponsor is aware of their application to this award and to consult with them as necessary.
  • Please contact us if you have queries.

Available Funding

  • This award will be delivered as a stipend of $500 to students, all costs to be included in the stipend, for awardees to 
  1. a) conduct a research or creative project specifically associated to the COVID-19 context; or 
  2. b) develop technological tools needed for online dissemination of CIRMMT projects in the COVID-19 context; or 
  3. c) create educational material that will serve dissemination in the context of COVID-19.
  • Applications must be relevant to CIRMMT’s mission.  Selection of proposals will be based on the following six criteria:
    • **A focus on the relevance and usefulness of the research initiative to solve issues directly associated to the COVID-19 context, as noted above,
    • Interdisciplinarity of the proposal, 
    • Originality/Innovation, 
    • Scientific/Artistic merit,
    • OPTIONAL: Potential beneficial outcomes for CIRMMT and its community, 
    • Budget justification
  • In-person collaborations or human testing will be possible, strictly following both university and governmental rules. We strongly encourage projects that foster online work/collaboration whenever possible.
  • Successful application will be eligible for a maximum stipend of $500 once the award is approved.

    Application Process

    • DEADLINE: Applications will be accepted continuously and be reviewed on a once-a-month basis by a committee made up of the CIRMMT Executive committee members.
    • An application form is available to download: CIRMMT Student COVID-19 funding application form
    • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
    • Step 1: One complete electronic copy, in a single PDF document of the application must be submitted to the Centre’s Administrative Officer ( with a copy sent to your supervisor.
      • IF ETHICS APPROVAL IS REQUIRED: an email from your supervisor must be included in your application to say that s/he approves and agrees that they will be closely supervising you.
    • Step 2: A summary report will be required by April 1st 2021. If this is not received, the student will be ineligible for any further CIRMMT funding until the situation is rectified.
    • Applications will be reviewed by the CIRMMT Executive Committee.
    • Awards will be disbursed until all the allocated CIRMMT budget is used up.

    Selection Criteria

    • Six criteria noted above.
    • Order of priority: Doctoral students, Masters students and Postdoctoral members.
    • Event attendance: On rare occasions, when there is money still available, after the fully eligible students have been considered, students who have not completed the full attendance requirements may receive support.