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Student Outreach Funding

N.B.: The complete eligibility requirements and information regarding the application process for this award are included in the application form.


With aims to encourage community engagement, expand CIRMMT exposure, and diversify student involvement, the new CIRMMT award, entitled the CIRMMT Student Outreach Award, introduces a new avenue for funding student members. With this award, student members are incentivized to develop interactive methods of presenting their CIRMMT research. Such outreach activities are meant to:
  • Instil value in the research of the Arts and Sciences
  • Attract students in pursuing Science Technology Engineering Arts & Mathematics (STEAM) degrees in CEGEP and undergraduate programs
  • Increase the appeal of STEAM programs to young music students 
  • Demonstrate that the pursuit of studies combining science, technology and the arts play an important role in the advancement of knowledge 


  • To engage CIRMMT student members through a pedagogical task;
  • To foster new relationships between current CIRMMT members, CIRMMT affiliated institutions and industries, and interested educational and cultural collaborators; 
  • To demonstrate the benefits and opportunities open to current CIRMMT members;
  • To raise awareness of CIRMMT activities to a broader community.

Available Funding

  • This award will be delivered as a stipend of $350 to individuals, all costs to be included in the stipend, for awardees to deliver a presentation at an educational or other cultural institution.
  • Awardees, if interested, may offer one additional presentation at a different location for an additional stipend of $150.
  • Awardees must complete their presentation within the fiscal year, before April 12th. 
  • The stipend(s) will be processed once the presentation(s) has been made and a brief report has been written and sent to the CIRMMT Administrator.


  • All current, graduate and postdoctoral CIRMMT student members, both those who are student award recipients (this would be an additional bonus) and those who have not received funding are eligible to apply. Visiting students ARE eligible to apply.
  • REMINDER: To be eligible, students must be enrolled at the time of the presentation and one month following this. 
  • PLEASE NOTE that to be considered eligible for CIRMMT funding, students are expected to attend:
    • EITHER a minimum of 4 out of 6 Distinguished Lectures in the 12 months prior to the application deadline, 
    • OR a minimum of 3 out of 6 Distinguished Lectures and significantly contribute to the organization of a CIRMMT workshop along with the RA co-leaders in the 12 months prior to the application deadline.
    • NOTE: In both situations above, ONE Distinguished Lecture can be replaced by attending a live@CIRMMT concert.
    • Students from universities outside Montreal (U. de Sherbrooke and Universit√© Laval) are exempt, but are encouraged to attend when possible. CIRMMT funding applications will include a section where students will be able to indicate which Distinguished Lectures they have attended. 
    • Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed - proof must be provided.

Application Process

  • DEADLINE: Applications will be accepted continuously and be reviewed on a monthly basis at the CIRMMT Executive Committee meetings. No applications will be reviewed when the Executive Committee is not in session: Meeting dates.
  • An application form is available to download: CIRMMT Student Outreach application form
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the CIRMMT Executive Committee.
  • For reference: Bloom Taxonomy (see application form for more information).

Selection Criteria

  • Quality of the proposal.
  • Order of priority: Doctoral students, Masters students and Postdoctoral members.
  • Distribution across labs for increased representation.
  • Distinguished Lecture attendance/Workshop organization: On rare occasions, when there is money still available, after the fully eligible students have been considered, students who have not completed the full attendance requirements may receive support.