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2020-2021 Travel Support Recipients

Round 1 / Online Conference Awards (during COVID-19 situation)

Due to COVID-19, those who have been awarded funding will attend the conference and present online.
  • [TBC] Sebastian Leguerre (CIRMMT sponsor: Gary Scavone)
    • Conference/workshop: 23rd International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx 2020)
    • Title of paper/work presented: Simulating hexaphonic distortion using parallel comb filters
  • {TBC] Christophe Lengele (CIRMMT sponsor: Robert Normandeau)
    • Conference/workshop: International Computer Music Conference (ICMC)
    • Title of paper/work presented: The story and the insides of a spatial performance tool : Live 4 Life
  • Eduardo Meneses (CIRMMT sponsor: Marcelo Wanderley)
    • Conference/workshop 1: NIME 2020
    • Conference/workshop 2: HCI International 2020
    • Title of paper/work presented: Expanding and embedding a high-level gesture vocabulary for the digital and augmented musical instruments
  • Julian Neri (CIRMMT sponsor: Philippe Depalle)
    • Conference/workshop: IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2020)
    • Title of paper/work presented 1: Probabilistic Filter and Smoother for Variational Inference of Bayesian Linear Dynamical Systems 
    • Title of paper/work presented 2: Laplace State Space Filter with Exact Inference and Moment Matching
  • John Sullivan (CIRMMT sponsor: Marcelo Wanderley)
    • Conference/workshop: NIME 2020
    • Title of paper/work presented: Co-Designing Embedded Acoustic Instruments with Active Musicians
  • Johnty Wang (CIRMMT sponsor: Marcelo Wanderley)
    • Conference/workshop: NIME 2020
    • Title of paper/work presented: The Scalability of WiFi for Mobile Embedded Sensor Interfaces

Round 2 (for travel between September 15th 2020 and January 14th 2021)

This round is on hold, with the online conference award in place until more normal travel is reinitiated. 

    Round 3 (for travel between January 15th and May 14th 2021)