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For information on the membership application process, please view this page: How to Apply for Membership

CIRMMT membership categories

  • Regular Member: This category includes senior researchers, such as faculty members from one of the partner universities as well as other institutions and from industry, whose principal research affiliation is with the Centre. These members are required to pay user fees as of June 2020. You can view the User Fee Policy(PDF) and complete the MS Form (FY25 form).
  • Collaborator: This category includes adjunct professors, faculty members from partner and non-partner universities who are primarily affiliated with another Centre, technical and research associates/assistants and research-creators. Collaborator members are not eligible for CIRMMT funding and cannot sponsor student members.
  • Post-doctoral and Graduate Student Member: This category includes Post-Doctoral and Graduate students working under the supervision of, or sponsored by, a CIRMMT Regular member. These members are able to apply for funding as long as they fulfill the eligibility criteria noted for each funding opportunity.
  • Undergraduate and Visiting Student Member: This category includes Undergraduate and visiting students working under the supervision of, or sponsored by, a CIRMMT Regular member. Undergraduate members are eligible for some funding opportunities. Visiting student members are not eligible for limited funding.
  • Honorary Lifetime Member: This honorary membership is given to those who were either a CIRMMT Regular Member and have retired from active academic service, or an emeritus professor, or equivalent, in recognition of their contributions to research in fields at the core of CIRMMT’s mission or having made a highly significant contribution to the activities and community of CIRMMT over the course of their career. For more information, including how to nominate someone and who is currently such a member: Lifetime Members
  • Visiting Academics and Artists: CIRMMT hosts visiting academics and artists from around the world for a limited time. They have the same rights of membership as Collaborators for the duration of their stay at the centre. Scholars and artists who are interested in traveling to Montreal to work on a project with one or more CIRMMT members are asked to contact the relevant member(s) directly. For more information, including how to apply and who are current, upcoming and past visiting academics are: Visiting Academics and Artists at CIRMMT