Visiting Academics and Researcher-Creators

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CIRMMT hosts visiting academics from around the world. Academics and researcher-creators who are interested in traveling to Montreal to work on a research project with one or more CIRMMT members are asked to contact the relevant member(s) directly.

CIRMMT’s central facilities include office spaces with workstations designated for visiting academics and researcher-creators. Visitors have full access to a workstation in this shared office space for the duration of their stay, which is ideally to be for a maximum of 120 days (four months). They may also request the short-term use of any of our central laboratories for research throughout their visit.

How to apply to be a Visiting Academic or Researcher-Creator

Requests for visiting academic office space can be submitted by Regular and Collaborator members on behalf of their guest throughout the year. The following information should be submitted:

  1. A request letter outlining the nature of the collaborative research project along with start and end dates of the visit (preferably up to 120 days for immigration purposes, but a maximum one year)
  2. The visiting academic or artist’s CV

Requests for office space for visiting academics will be reviewed by the Centre’s Executive Committee on a monthly basis.

CIRMMT is unable to provide travel funding, salary or lodging for visiting academics/researcher-creators.

CIRMMT will use the classifications of Visiting Academics as set out by McGill on the APO website: Visiting Fellow, Visiting Professor or Visiting Scholar.

Immigration Information & Entry requirements to Canada for non-Canadian citizens

  • Visiting academics/researcher-creators who are self-funded and wish to stay for up to 120 days will be provided with a letter that waives the need for a work permit under the “120-day work permit exemption for researchers”.
    • This work permit exemption can only be used once in any 12-month period.
    • Full details of this exemption can be referred to on the IRCC’s website.
  • Only under special circumstances will we consider stays of over 120 days and up to one year. Otherwise, CIRMMT will only accept stays of 120 days or less. Stays of more than 120 days require additional administrative work and costs to McGill, as well as costs to the researcher coming to Canada in the form of work permits, medical exams, etc.


It is the responsibility of the visiting academic/researcher-creator to get the appropriate visa to enter Canada. There are fees associated with the visa.

Find out if you need a visa.

For more information about applying for a visa, please visit the Canadian Immigration website about Visas.

eTAs (electronic Travel Authorization)

As of November 2016, all visa-exempt travellers (except United States [U.S.] citizens) will need an eTA to board their flight. It is the responsibility of the visitor to apply for the eTA. For more information on the eTA, including its cost, and how to apply for one, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) provides more information.

Those entering Canada by car, bus, train, or boat (including a cruise ship) do not require an eTA.

Current Visiting Academics & Researcher-Creators

  • September 2023-August 2025: Takuto "Tak" Yudasaka, YAMAHA, Japan
  • December 2023-September 2024: Fausto Borém, Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil

Upcoming Visiting Academics & Researcher-Creators

  • February-April 2024 & January-June 2025: Aaron Liu-Rosenbaum, Université Laval, Québec
  • February-April 2025: D Andrew Stuart, University of Lethbridge, Alberta

View our past Visiting Researchers & Researcher-Creators